Organizing Committee
Mr. Farid Huseynov - is Chairman of Organizing Committee for Shamkir Chess 2017. He holds the position of Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board. With years of professional experience, Mr. Huseynov represents the main organizer and the sponsor of the super-tournament in memory of Vugar Gashimov.   Faig Gasanov - is Azerbaijani International Сhess Arbiter, as well as, coach, television presenter, author and vice-president of Azerbaijani Chess Federation. As a member of the Organizing Committee for the super-tournament, Mr. Gasanov supports with his expertise in chess domain.
Mahir Mammadov - is the vice-president of Azerbaijan Chess Federation. He was director of Operating Committee of the 42nd World Chess Olympiad which was held in Baku.   Agshin Akhmedov - is  the director of "Synergy Sport" LTD ", which is a subsidiary company of  “Synergy Group”. As a member of the Organizing Committee, he is responsible for the general coordination issues of the super-tournament.
Sanan Shafizade - is working  in the Azerbaijani press  since 2000. He is a Doctor of Philosophy in Arts. As a member of the Organizing Committee, he will deal with all press issues; moreover he will provide all local and international press broadcasting.   Sarkhan Gashimov - is the older brother of Vugar Gashimov. Being Vugar's manager for a long time, Sarkhan Gashimov provides support with organizational issues acting as a liaison. Mr. Gashimov also helps with international media.
Mammad Gasimov - is a law manager of the "Synergy Group". As a member of the organizing committee of "Shamkir Chess 2017", he is helping the tournament with the solution of variety of legal issues.    Gulnara Gunashova - is the head of the Administrative Department  of "Synergy Group" . As a member of the organizing committee of "Shamkir Chess 2017", she helps the tournament with various organizational issues.