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Shahriyar Mammadyarov: My fiancée is from Shamkir that is why I consider myself from Shamkir

Winner of the ShamkirChess2017 tournament, Dedicated to the memory of Vugar Hashimov and organized by Synergy Group, gave an interview to the official website of competition. Press service of tournament presents interview of winner.

- Congratulations on winning for the second time in a row. Did you expect such a successful performance on the eve of the competition?

-This year it was more difficult to win in the ShamkirChess tournament. In regard of staff this year more powerful players attended . If you remember, in the past Azerbaijani chess players were majority. But This year, the highest-rated chess players were invited instead of them. And participation of Wesley So increased rivalry. US representative demonstrates an amazing game. He won almost all competition before Shamkir.

-So, was So favorite for you?

-­­­­­­I saw two favorites in competition. Wesley So and Vladimir Kramnik. Interestingly, I won two favorites. Victory over favorites was decisive. Before Shamkir I shared 1-3th places In Grand prix of FIDE . That is why my hopes were big.

- If in the first round you didn’t defeat So, the outcome of the tournament could have been different…

- Each game was important. On the eve of the last tours there was a 1-point difference. Defeating So and Kramnik with black pieces affected my position. Of course, if the victory wasn’t in the start it could have been a different ending. If I was defeated by So and Kramnik the result would not have been like that in the ending.

-So won Kramnik. But you lost to Poland representative Radoslav Voytasek. Fatigue or your opponent prepared well?

- We watch many debuts in chess. During the competition we repeat them. Players have belief. We understand that we can play these moves. I repeat written things. After moving Queen there wasn’t written anything about losing. I did not expect such a party. I have my fault too. But I cannot watch all played before games. I have played before like that. Losing to Voytasek was so miserable. It is rare to win in chess with “ homework” .

-The second time in a row you have been winner of ShamkirChess tournament. If World champion Magnus Carlsen was in Shamkir could you win?

-It is impossible to say result in advance in Chess. Wesley So takes the first place in some competitions where Magnus participates. Participation of Carlsen is additional stimulus. I must confess that my games didn’t go well in Shamkir when Magnus participated. I played very bad. I have played well in the last two years. My game was not good in a time when Norwegian was in Shamkir. We both will perform in the future. Time will show how it will be.

-Next year, ShamkirChess will be 5 years old. Would you want to participate with Magnus in anniversary year?

- Participating of Magnus Carlsen is a great holiday. He is so strong and professional player. I hope that we both will fight in Shamkir. He wanted to come to Shamkir. Just time of tournament coincided with some tournaments. Some participants in chess sign a contract with the organizers from 1-2 years ahead. Therefore, participation in Shamkir didn’t happen.

- Do you feel yourself comfortable in competition where Carlson does not participate?

- Almost all my losings to Carlsen were in Shamkir. not Taking into account Shamkir tournament our game’s statistics are equal . I lost him a lot in Shamkir. In Wijk aan Zee I played very well against him with the black pieces.

- Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Shamkirchess2017 tournament,, Farid Huseynov made an interesting statement. After the Fifth round in his interview he said that he considers Shahriyar from Shamkir.

- (laughs) I generally feel myself more from Shamkir. Some people do not know it. Recently i have been engaged. My fiancée is from Shamkir. My fiancée is from Shamkir that is why I consider myself from Shamkir.

-Your father mister Hamid came to Shamkir in VIII round. In that round you lost to Voytasek. Was it a coincidence or you were nervous when your father is near you?

-My father always supports me. He always expects victory . All players experienced pain of defeat in tournament. The number of victory is more important. I had 3 victories, It is a great result. My father has nothing to do with my defeat. Any player could have lose after debut choice of Voytasek. I have not prepared well to that game. I am guilty for losing.

-Mister Hamid says that I always bring apple to Shahriyar from our garden. The apples taste quite different. These apples give you the power. Did he bring apple to Shamkir?

-This time he has not brought an apple. But it is the truth. Apples in our garden are very tasty. My father takes care of the trees. These apples taste completely different.I know how hard my father works.That is why I eat apples more willingly. They are very tasty.

- In Shamkir you raise the rating to 2781. Until now you had not had such a high rating. Do you think about reaching 2800?

- Of course. Each player wants to reach 2800. It has great importance for me. Rating is one of the important factors.

-Who are you dedicating your victory to?

- I have dedicated the victory in 2016 to memory of Vugar Hashimov. This time I want to dedicate my victory to Shamkir people. During 10 days, I felt their support. This year was really lucky for me. I got engaged with a lady from Shamkir. That is why I dedicate my victory to Shamkir people.

-In Vugar Hashimov Memorial , his friend won twice in a row. This is not seen as an ordinary victory ..

May he rest in peace, Vugar is always with us. He is such a player whom we can’t forget. His name gives me power. We have been fighting for Vugar’s name since the first years. Till now I have not won in such a prestigious game. Winning in tournament dedicated to the memory of Vugar is double important. General rating of competition is 2765. It is not easy to win in Xxi category tournament.

-After Shamkir You will participate in club championship in Russia. Then there is Qran Prix in Moscow. How do you rate the chances to get into the contender tournament?

- I hope that it will work. It depends on my performance in Grand Prix. As much as possible I must get successful result. My participation in three competitions in a row may cause trouble. But I believe that it will be good. After Moscow I will pause classic chess. I want to relax ,in the end of year there will be next competitions.

-Who called you first to congratulate you after your victory in Shamkir?

- my Father-in-law

- Your father mister Hamid looked very excited. It’d be interesting to know the words he told you.

- he’s always trying not to show his emotions. He’s very happy. Generally when I’m next to him he does not praise my game. But when I’m not there he says that Shahriyar is playing well. In past we used to go to all competitions together. Lately I go alone. Because when I lose he worries. I don’t want my father to be next to me when I lose. As a professional I’m used to any result. My father acts as if he doesn’t take it seriously. But I feel that when I lose he feels bad. The spoil of his mood has worse effect on me than my failure. I don’t play relaxed. When he’s at home he works in garden and doesn’t think much about the result.

- You won in three games with black figures. Can we call you “mister black’?

-(laughs) I’m sure that after my loss to Voytashek you can’t say that.