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Wesley So: Shahriyar’s victory is worthy

Wesley So , participant of ShamkirChess2017 tournament gave an interview to official website about results os competition. Assessing performance in Vugar Hashimov memorial ,US representative spoke about victory of Azerbaijani player Shahriyar Mammadyarov:

"It is difficult to say kind words about my performance. At the start i lost to Shahriyar. I made a mistake, the opponent did not forgive me. In Five points system i would assess my game three and half points. It was important to win in the final round. But I could not. If i could win in IX round it could be be a tie-breakI knew that draw would satisfy Shahriyar more. All my attention was focused on the VIII round. In that game I tried to defeat Teijmur Radjabov. I didn’t gain an advantage in that game with black figures. . Radjabov defended very well. After a draw my chances to the first pace reduced.

I thank the organizers of Vugar Hashimov Memorial. Synergy Group turned Shamkir to native city for us . This competition was a truly uncompromising struggle. Everyone wanted to be champion. It is worthy tournament of Vugar HAshimov’s name. . I remember HAshimov very well. He was already star when I started to chess . His career is a model for many. He had interesting debuts. Even when Gashimov lost to rival he treated him with respect.

I congratulate Shahriyar Mammadyarov on his victory. His victory was worthy. He didn’t forgive mistakes, gave power in all games. . He defeated world champion as Vladimir Kramnik. . In the last round of the competition I saw his father. Shahriyar’s victory pleased his father very much. I also congratulated him. His father’s joy made me a little bit sad. I Congratulate Mammadyarovs".