Shamkir: Five draws in Round 4

by Johannes Fischer

4/4/2019 – Five draws — that was the result of the fourth round of the "Gashimov Memorial" in Shamkir, Azerbaijan. As days go, there have been others more exciting. David Navara, who played Black against Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, had the best chance of winning. But after more than five hours of play, this game also ended in a draw, leaving Magnus Carlsen with 3 out of 4, as the sole leader. Report with analysis by GM DANIEL FERNANDEZ. | Photo:

Carlsen keeps half point edge Perhaps the most notable feature of the day was the curious fact that the final position of the game Topalov vs Carlsen was almost identical to the final position of the game Karjakin vs Grischuk. With only five games in play, that's a pretty freak occurrence. Magnus himself mused that he would have been amused to see the exact same final position. Read more...