Karjakin Beats Anand, Catches Carlsen At Gashimov Memorial

Sergey Karjakin joined Magnus Carlsen in first place at the Gashimov Memorial in Shamkir, Azerbaijan. The Russian grandmaster used deep preparation and great endgame technique to beat Viswanathan Anand.

It was a cute moment during the live broadcast of the tournament today, this time provided by Tata Steel Chess tournament director Jeroen van den Berg, Vugar Gashimov's brother Sarkhan and Veselin Topalov's old friend Silvio Danailov.

During the round, Sergey Karjakin's wife Galiya and his oldest son Alexei had arrived in Shamkir and so it was in the press room where the family first saw each other again. When his father came in, the little boy interrupted the commentary and shouted "papa!!" before being picked up.

Karjakin stated that he had felt their support during his game with Vishy Anand and had an "extra responsibility" for them to play a good game today.

And it was definitely a good game. For starters, Karjakin brought a novelty as late as move 31 (!) which was a deviation from Aronian-Caruana, London 2018. Read more...